About Amethyst and how it came to be...


Amethyst came to be as a result of over 16 years working in the engraving, sign making and graphic design industries, and most of all from enjoying the satisfaction of producing quality products and services and the appreciation from the customer of a job well done.


So I decided to take the leap and start my own company.



(Engraving, Signmaking & Graphic Design Solutions)


which I am pleased to announce in the last year of trading has already gained a great reputation for fast turnaround, price but above all else QUALITY!


I believe in the personal service one to one so that you the customer is confident in Amethysts abilities and workmanship.

 I believe very much in building my business based on the following.






With over 16 years experience in the engraving and sign making industries there are not many jobs I have not had the pleasure of doing for a wide variety of customers from MoD, Marine, Aerospace, Hobbyist, Car Clubs, Forums, Social Clubs, Jewellery Makers Etc.


So as you can see whether it be a commemorative plaque, Vehicle Advertising Graphics, Industrial Engraving, Laser Etching, Or Profiling here at Amethyst we really can do anything you as the customer may require.


Please take a look around this all new site to learn more about the

products and services provided by Amethyst.

Industries that use engraving and laser etching services extensively:


- Aerospace

- Automotive

- Electrical Systems

- Electricity Generation & Distribution

- Electronic Equipment

- Lifting Equipment Manufacturing

- Marine

- Medical Equipment Manufacturing

- Tool Making


Your ONE STOP Shop

for all your Laser Etching needs.......

Amethyst Overview of Services


Mechanical Engraving Facilities

- CNC Industrial Mechanical Engraving - 4th Axis

- CNC Light Profiling


Laser Etching & Profiling Facilities

- CNC Laser Etching onto a variety of materials including stainless steel

- CNC Laser Cutting/Profiling of Plastics, Fabrics, Woods. (not metals)


Vinyl Cutting Facilities

- CNC Vinyl Plotter for use with single colour vinyls.


Graphic Design

- We offer professional levels of Graphic Design anything from label design to logo design.



- We manufacture a vast veriety of products in house take a look at out products pages to view and buy online.


Specialists in large batch work.

Leaders in industrial Engraving and Laser Etching services.



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